4 Out Of 10 Employers Will Fire Remote Workers Who Don’t Want To Return To The Office

  • 39% of employers who responded to a Digital.com survey about remote workers say that they will fire the employees that don’t return to the office.
  • The surveyed employers who were most likely to fire workers belong to the IT, finance and advertising industries.
  • Only 10% of the employers surveyed were willing to make the switch to full-time remote work as a permanent option for their workers.

Orlando Sentinel writes:

“ORLANDO, Fla. — Employers responding to a survey about remote workers say they will fire employees if they don’t return to the office.

A new survey from Digital.com shows employers and employees are not on the same page when working from home.

Digital surveyed 1,500 small business owners.

50% of employees said most workers worked on-site full-time, 18% had a hybrid schedule for in-person/remote working. 38% said they had a primarily remote workforce and, as such, were eliminated from the rest of the survey.

According to the survey, a large portion of employers wants employees back in the office. Thirty-nine percent said they expect everyone to return to the office, 20% will let employees choose, and 17% will make hybrid schedules permanent.

Only 10% are making the switch to full-time remote work a permanent fixture.

Thirty-nine percent of employers said if employees don’t come back to work on-site, they will fire them…”

See full story here.

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