LA Restaurants Boost Pay And Offer Hiring Bonuses To Entice Leery Workers

  • Faced with a lack of applications, the owner of Cafe 50’s on Santa Monica Boulevard is offering a $2,000 hiring bonus with $500 per month over four months.
  • Many hospitality workers do not receive paid sick leave or health care benefits, and are “still not willing to come back into the labor force because they still feel very much at risk of the virus.”
  • Employers complaining about the market should acknowledge that they are simply unable to find workers “at the wage and quality of job” they are offering.

Agence French-Presse from Rawstory writes:

“Businesses have reopened in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the United States, with “We’re hiring” signs everywhere. But if life has a pre-Covid feel, a new challenge has arisen for restaurants: workers are not willing to return at any cost.

“We are dealing with a staffing shortage that I have not experienced in my career,” said Skyler Gamble, a manager at Acme Hospitality, which oversees several restaurants in Santa Barbara around two hours’ drive north of Los Angeles.

“Our experience in the last six to nine months as business levels have rebounded, is that fewer and fewer candidates respond to job postings.”

The hospitality industry was slammed by coronavirus and pandemic-related restrictions, shedding millions of jobs.

But any restaurateurs counting on a return to normal have experienced a rude awakening.

Classified ads abound on the internet — waiters, cooks and bartenders are in high demand.

But in a major shift in power, employers wanting to land a qualified worker increasingly have to stand out from the crowd.

Craig Martin, who owns Cafe 50’s on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, has to replace a cook. Faced with a lack of applications, he is offering a $2,000 hiring bonus — $500 per month over four months…”

See full story here.

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