Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop Drivers Are Forced To Follow “Ride Script” And Say He’s “Awesome”

  • The Boring Company hires drivers to drive modified Tesla vehicles around the tunnel in Las Vegas, known as the Loop, and as part of their hiring package they are given a so-called “Ride Script”.
  • If a passenger asks what founder Elon Musk is like, drivers are told to reply: “He’s awesome! Inspiring / motivating / etc.”
  • If a driver is asked whether they like working for the SpaceX mastermind, they are instructed to say: “Yup, he’s a great leader! He motivates us to do great work.”

Harriet Brewis from Indy100 writes:

“It’s never particularly prudent to badmouth your boss, especially not when they’re one of the most powerful men on the planet.

However, most of us aren’t actually banned in writing from speaking about our employers – unlike some of Elon Musk’s staff.

The Boring Company, an infrastructure and tunneling firm founded by the billionaire, officially opened its first underground transport system in Las Vegas last month. And among the instructions issued to new recruits on the project is apparently the explicit instruction not to talk about their “great leader”.

The company hires drivers to drive modified Tesla vehicles around the tunnel, known as the Loop, and as part of their onboarding they receive a so-called “Ride Script”.

According to TechCruch, which obtained a copy of the document, the script sets out the protocols workers must follow when faced with curious passengers – notably when they have questions about the enigmatic Musk…”

See full story here.

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