“A Hungry Dog Is An Obedient Dog” Laura Ingraham Guest Exposes The True Goal Of Capitalists

  • Laura Ingraham expressed the key challenge for capitalism by asking how bosses can get people to do miserable jobs for little pay in order to make other people rich.
  • Capitalism has always required that the laboring classes be forced into circumstances in which they must work or starve.
  • Bar Rescue guy: “They only feed a military dog at night, because a hungry dog is an obedient dog. Well, if we are not causing people to be hungry to work…”

Jon Schwarz from The Intercept writes:

“Thursday night on Fox News, Laura Ingraham straightforwardly expressed the key challenge for capitalism: How can bosses get people to do awful, degrading jobs for little pay in order to make other people rich?

“The government is literally putting anvils, in many ways, on people’s shoulders, either through the mandates, regulations, and now through free money,” Ingraham said to her guest, reality TV host Jon Taffer. “If we are not causing people to be hungry to work, then we’re providing them with all the meals they need sitting at home,” Taffer agreed. “These benefits make absolutely no sense to us.”

Capitalism has been grappling with this problem for hundreds of years, but as history and Ingraham show, the answer now is the same as it’s always been: The laboring classes must be forced into circumstances in which they must work or starve.

Ingraham’s cri de cœur has been sounded innumerable times over the past few centuries. After the passage of the U.K.’s Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, British officials openly debated what they were going to do once the people they’d enslaved were free to just leave the plantations. One key issue, particularly in the West Indies, was that there was a great deal of public land that could be claimed and farmed by anyone.

“Where there is land enough to yield an abundant subsistence to the whole population in return for slight labour,” wrote Lord Glenelg, the U.K. secretary of state for war and the colonies, “they will probably have no sufficient inducement to prefer the more toilsome existence of a regular labourer…”

See full story here.

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  1. Marxists consistently ignore the oppressive nature of government in its misuse of authority and power in passing regulations and laws. All the while focusing on the entity that sans government interference and crony bought and paid for privilege, operates on voluntary agreements and contracts and manufacturing strawmen arguments as to why the latter is evil and the former is preferable.

    There not a business in this nation of the USA that has the power to force a free person to work for any amount of money. And, when a free person accepts the negotiated contract to work he is indicating his voluntary willingness to do so.

    One the one hand we have evil government – preferred by Marxists.
    On the other hand we have free markets and voluntary capitalism – hated by Marxist.

    See the problem there?


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