Matt Gaetz Posts Selfie With Fiancée Fast Asleep On A Plane And People Are Bigly Creeped Out

  • A “creepy” photo posted by Matt Gaetz on Twitter shows his fiancée fast asleep on a plane, while he is staring directly into the camera.
  • “So blessed to be with the beautiful @LuckeyGinger,” Gaetz sarcastically muses in the caption.
  • “It looks like you Bill Cosbyed her. Frankly, no surprise there,” @BettyBowers replied in the tweet.

Liam O’Dell from Indy100 writes:

“When controversial congressman Matt Gaetz shared a photo of his fiancée sleeping to Twitter, it wasn’t just her who was left open-mouthed.

The “creepy” photo, posted on Friday, shows Ginger Luckey asleep on an aeroplane, while Gaetz is next to her, masked, staring directly into the camera.

“So blessed to be with the beautiful @LuckeyGinger,” the caption read.

It isn’t the first time that Gaetz has faced public scrutiny, either. In November, the Trump supporter asked the then-president to pardon himself, as well as Tiger King star Joe Exotic, who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence on animal abuse charges and murder-for-hire.

Then, in April this year, he published a “bizarre” rebuttal in The Washington Examiner to allegations that he engaged in child sex trafficking, saying he “is not a monk and certainly not a criminal”.

The Florida politician is under federal investigation by the FBI in relation to the accusation, which he denies…”

See full story here.

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