“Redneck Neighborhood Watch” Duo Convicted For Shooting At And Ramming 2 Black Teens On ATV’s

“Redneck Neighborhood Watch” Wade Twiner & Lane Twiner
  • A Mississippi jury convicted a white father & son of hate crimes for shooting at Black teens as part of what they considered to be a “redneck neighborhood patrol”.
  • The Twiners posted slogans to their social media accounts such as “Redneck Neighborhood Watch,” “You Loot We Shoot” with images of a Confederate flag.
  • “Not only did they shoot at him, they also ran into the back of his four wheeler, and that could also have been murder right then and there,” said the mother of one of two black teens.

John Wright from Rawstory writes:

“A jury in Mississippi on Wednesday convicted a white father and son of hate crimes for shooting at Black teens as part of what they reportedly considered a “redneck neighborhood patrol.”

Wade Twiner and Lane Twiner were each convicted of two counts of simple assault and felonious mischief after a three-day trial, according to the local ABC affiliate.

“Prosecutors said in addition, the jury found the father and son guilty of a hate crime enhancement, which allows for doubling of the time of their sentences,” the station reported.

The Twiners admitted to chasing and shooting at the two teenagers riding ATVs in September of last year. The Twiners also rammed one of the teen’s ATVs with their pickup truck.

“The Twiners told cops they own land on both sides of the road, pay taxes, and don’t want people riding ATVs on the road since it’s illegal,” the New York Post reported following their arrests. “Previously, the Twiners had posted slogans and memes to their social media accounts such as ‘Redneck Neighborhood Watch,’ ‘You Loot We Shoot’ and images of a Confederate flag…”

See full story here.

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