“Job Creators” Myth Is A Malignant Ruse That The 1% Use To Extract Wealth From The 99%

  • The “job creator” fantasy is a malignant and persistent myth that the corporate class use to squeeze the working class and extract their wealth.
  • Working people who imperil their own lives and the lives of their families to keep the gravy train going for billionaires are increasingly unwilling to do it anymore.
  • Could it be that those vaunted “job creators” happen to suck at creating decent, living wage jobs?

Joe Maniscalco, DC Report @Rawstory writes:

“Those now lining up against the Biden administration’s $3.5 trillion Reconciliation Bill represent the same small segment of society that has always demanded working families demure to the wants and desires of the so-called “job creators.”

The “job creator” fantasy is a malignant, but persistent myth that the corporate class and their power-suited courtiers use to squeeze the working class and extract their wealth.

And they aren’t abandoning it now that federal unemployment benefits have expired and there’s nothing preventing landlords from spending Labor Day kicking millions of struggling American families out onto the streets.

Donald Trump’s $1.9 trillion Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has already been exposed as the toxic fraud and giveaway to the ultra-rich it’s always been — while covid has made the need for the largest public investment in working families since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal abundantly clear.

North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Republican minority leader of the Education and Labor Committee, nevertheless, seized hold of August’s underwhelming jobs report (as if the figures, in and of themselves, adequately reflected the reality of working people’s lives) to further prop up the “job creator” myth…”

See full story here.

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