Fashion Brand Sued For Bans On “Fat” Employees And Hiding Black Workers In The Back

  • Teen fashion brand Brandy Melville is being accused of employment discrimination after former VP revealed inside information about its hiring practices.
  • CEO Stephan Marsan and top executives shared jokes about an emaciated woman from a concentration camp in her underwear with a photo-shopped sash saying, “Miss Auschwitz 1943.”
  • The company group chat displayed a photo of the Happy Days cast captioned, “There were no Black people in this show—that’s why it was called ‘Happy Days.'”

Sarah K. Burris from Rawstory writes:

“The teen fashion brand Brandy Melville is being accused of employment discrimination after former senior vice president Luca Rotondo revealed inside information about the company’s hiring practices.

The Italian store that came to the U.S. in 2009 had a specific look CEO Stephan Marsan wanted, reported Insider. “If she was Black, if she was fat… he didn’t want them in the store,” Rotondo said. Marsan reportedly called executives “special snowflakes” and would “reward” them with use of the company credit card, going on shopping sprees, taking trips to Hawaii or Italy, and using the company-owned flat in SoHo.

One accusation involving that flat in SoHo came in 2015 when Andrea Castagnasso, who owns some Italian stores, allegedly drugged and raped a 21-year-old. Insider said that they reviewed the woman’s medical records and corroborated the account with a co-worker. She was too scared to press charges because “she may lose her working visa.”

Screenshots of a 2019 message show Marsan denying one potential store manager in Newport Beach, California because of the way she looked. The email from Marsan said in Italian that the store was “only hiring pieces of shit” and risked going out of business. “Kick her out.”

Another employee in New York and California stores said that at one point in 2013 Marsan came in throwing out all sizes above a size 4…”

See full story here.

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