Photos Of New Amazon Shanty Town Warehouse In Mexico Go Viral

  • A new Amazon fulfillment center is plopped in the middle of deteriorating, low-income housing units in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Images of the crisp new warehouse amid the crumbling shacks surrounding it are being shared widely on Reddit and Twitter.
  • Amazon waded into the Mexican marketplace to help make the company more competitive with fellow e-commerce giant Walmart.

Katie Canales from Insider writes:

“A sprawling, new Amazon fulfillment center in Tijuana, Mexico, is surrounded by deteriorating low-income housing units as the tech giant continues its push into the foreign market.

Photos of the new warehouse were captured by photographer Omar Martinez and show a stark contrast between Amazon’s crisp, white facility and the crumbling shacks around it. They were shared widely and discussed on Reddit and Twitter.

Martinez shared the exact location of the warehouse with Insider — it sits about three miles south of the US-Mexico border.

Amazon spokesperson Marisa Vano confirmed to Insider that “the upcoming opening of our Fulfillment Center in Tijuana” will create “more than 250 jobs in the area.”Omar Martinez

Pay at Amazon’s US warehouses starts at $15 an hour, and the company regularly touts what it says are competitive health insurance and retirement benefits at its centers, such as at the Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse where employees voted not to unionize earlier this year...”

See full story here.

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