Tesla Flies Into Florida Home Killing 2 Mere Days After Investigation Of Autopilot System Begins

  • Two people are dead and three are seriously injured after an airborne Tesla crashed into a house in Florida.
  • The U.S. auto safety regulator says that it has opened a broad investigation of the Autopilot system used in hundreds of thousands of Tesla’s electric cars.
  • The investigation is the broadest look yet at Autopilot and its possible flaws that could make it and the Tesla’s that operate on it dangerous.

Clara Hill from Independent writes:

“Two people have died and three people have been seriously injured after a Tesla crashed into a Florida home, according to local authorities.

The Florida Highway Patrol said one of the fatalities was a resident of the Palm Harbor house the car crashed into; a 69 year-old woman, who died at the scene. The other casualty was a 43 year-old man, a passenger of the car who later died in hospital.

Three of the other passengers were also taken for medical treatment with serious injuries, according to the Associated Press. In accordance to state law, their identities were not released by law enforcement…”

See full story here.

Neal E.Boudette and Niraj Chokshi from The New York Times writes:

“The U.S. auto safety regulator said Monday that it had opened a broad investigation of the Autopilot system used in hundreds of thousands of Tesla’s electric cars.

The investigation was prompted by at least 11 accidents in which Teslas using Autopilot, an assisted-driving system that can steer, accelerate and brake on its own, drove into parked fire trucks, police cars and other emergency vehicles, the safety agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, disclosed. Those crashes killed one woman and injured 17 people.

Safety experts and regulators have been scrutinizing Autopilot since the first fatal accident involving the system was reported in 2016, in which the driver of a Tesla Model S was killed when his car struck a tractor-trailer in Florida. In that case, the safety agency concluded there were no defects — a position it stuck to for years even as the number of crashes and deaths involving Autopilot climbed…”

See full story here.

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