Mother Gets $2 Million From Philly Cops Who Beat Her Up And Seized Her Toddler For Photo-Op

  • Police Commissioner says colleagues “terrorized” Rikia Young and others during protests over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.
  • The $2m settlement was reached almost a year after Ms. Young was approached by officers who smashed her windows with batons and forcefully removed her from her car.
  • After Rikia was dragged from her car and beaten, her toddler was taken away for several hours and photographed for social media purposes by the city’s police department.

Gino Spocchia from Independent writes:

“Rickia Young, a young Black mother who was allegedly beaten during anti-racism demonstrations in Philadelphia last year for no reason, has reportedly reached a $2m (£1.4m) settlement with city officials.

The agreement was reached on Monday, almost a year after Ms Young was forcefully removed from her car, was beaten, and had her toddler used by the city’s police department for social media, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement that “instead of fighting crime and the fear of crime, some of the officers on the scene created an environment that terrorised Rickia Young, her family, and other members of the public” on the morning of 27 October 2020.

That was when Ms Young, a nursing aide from north Philadelphia, tried to drive through a large protest over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. As seen in video footage, when she tried to turn around in her vehicle, she was approached by officers who smashed her windows with batons, it was alleged…”

See full story here.

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