Labor Shortages Are Forcing Several Companies To Halt Drug Testing Of Their Workers

  • U.S. employees are quitting their jobs at record rates, and companies are so desperate to win their workers back that they are eradicating antiquated workplace protocols as a lure.
  • Amazon announced that it would stop screening for marijuana as part of its pre-employment drug tests this last summer.
  • “Pre-employment marijuana testing has disproportionately affected communities of color…” wrote Beth Galetti, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Danielle Sinay from Indy100 writes:

“‘The Great Resignation‘ is in full force, with U.S. employees quitting their jobs at higher rates than ever before. 65 per cent of employees were seeking new roles in August, while Microsoft predicted that over 40 percent of Americans would leave their positions by the end of 2021. Now, companies are desperate to win their workers back, eradicating antiquated workplace protocols to ensure employees stick around.

Some are pledging to create more flexible roles, while others offer their staffers extra weeks off to tend to their burnout, like Bumble did in June. And things have since been taken a step further: Initially reported by VICE, some companies are opting to eliminate job screenings and drug tests in a desperate attempt to “attract and retain in-demand talent,” according to a ManPowerGroup survey.

Querying over 45,000 employers across the globe, the employment and development firm found that at least nine percent of companies would do away drug screening and testing so long as it meant they would gain —and/or or keep — employees. This isn’t particularly socking, however, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the number of those willing to eradicate drug tests skyrockets over the next few years. Amazon, the second largest global employer based in the country, announced that it would stop screening for marijuana as part of its pre-employment drug tests this summer…”

See full story here.

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