25K Disney Workers File Class Action Lawsuit Against “The Mouse” For Not Paying A Living Wage

  • Local 11 and other Disneyland employee unions have gathered cast members to sue the company, alleging that Disney is receiving city subsidies and should follow the payment structure under Measure L.
  • A study by Occidental College and the Economic Roundtable found that 11% of Disneyland employees were homeless in the previous two years, 68% were food insecure, and 73% said they did not earn enough for basic living expenses. 
  • “I think the issues here are simple: The voters demanded that companies like Disney, who take public handouts, pay their workers a living wage,” Renick says, “Disney should not get a pass.”

Julie Tremaine from SFGATE writes:

“We feel like there’s always somebody else that will fill our spot,” Disneyland cast member Gabriel Sarracino told SFGATE, “and we’re just there.”

Sarracino has worked at the Disneyland Hotel for 15 years as a valet, parking cars and assisting guests with their luggage. For all of those 15 years, he’s earned minimum wage from Disney and supplemented his income with tips. But a recent decision from leadership that prevents valets from handling luggage has cut substantially into his earnings.

He’s now one of the 25,000 cast members, as Disneyland calls its employees, who are participating in the class action lawsuit against Disneyland that alleges the company is legally obligated to pay a living wage…”

See full story here.

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