Nasa Accuses Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Of “Prioritizing Itself Over Every Other Person Alive Today”

  • Nasa is accusing Jeff Bezos’ private space company of thwarting the “once-in-a-generation momentum” to resume human space exploration due to legal disputes.
  • “All of this once-in-a-generation momentum can easily be undone by one party – in this case, Blue Origin – who seeks to prioritize its own fortunes over that of Nasa, the United States, and every person alive today who dreams to see humans exploring worlds beyond our own,” the legal filings state.
  • The legal dispute with Blue Origin has thwarted collaboration between Nasa and SpaceX, delaying the 2024 deadline for the lunar mission.

Anthony Cuthbertson from The Independent writes:

Nasa has accused Jeff Bezos’s private space company of threatening to destroy the “once-in-a-generation momentum” to resume human space exploration through its costly and lengthy legal disputes.

Blue Origin launched legal action against the US space agency earlier this year following its failed bid to build a lunar lander for the Artemis space program, which aims to return humans to the Moon this decade.

The lunar mission was originally scheduled for 2024 but this date now looks in jeopardy as a result of Blue Origin’s protests.

The legal action began after Elon Musk’s SpaceX won the lucrative contract to develop its Starship spacecraft, after Nasa put out a call for bids from space companies to build a lunar lander…”

See full story here.

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