Showdown At Fairy Creek: Radical Environmentalism vs. Pacheedaht First Nation Leaders

  • A Supreme Court judge in British Columbia stopped an injunction that aimed to protect Indigenous rights to log an old-growth forest.
  • “Protesters have placed spikes in roads, chained themselves to gates, sometimes dug themselves into trenches or attached themselves to trees in efforts to thwart police who are enforcing the injunction,” said a news report.
  • “The RCMP’s misconduct has represented a threat to the reputation of the court, but also it has really stripped citizens of their rights,” said veteran activist Tzeporah Berman.

Terence Corcoran from Financial Post writes:

“In the middle of a week dedicated to reconciliation and reflection on Canada’s colonial relationship with the country’s Indigenous communities, a Supreme Court judge in British Columbia on Tuesday ended an injunction that, at its heart, aimed to protect Indigenous rights to log an old-growth forest.

Throughout the past year, activists fronted by an organization that calls itself the Rainforest Flying Squad have mounted an aggressive and often violent blockade against activity at the Fairy Creek operations of Teal Cedar Products Ltd. The company runs the Vancouver Island logging operation under licence from the Pacheedaht First Nation.

After almost 1,000 arrests by the RCMP and scores of violent confrontations, the company had asked the court to extend the existing injunction. In arguments before Justice Douglas Thompson, the company warned of “anarchy” at Fairy Creek. “It falls to this court to restore law and order on southern Vancouver Island,” said the company’s lawyer…”

See full story here.

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