Colin Powell, A “Politely Anguished War Criminal” Dies From Covid Complications At 84

  • Colin Powell, a principal architect in the US invasion of Iraq, a campaign of armed aggression that killed about half a million people, died from Covid complications at 84.
  • Powell was celebrated by “liberals” because, even though he served GOP administrations, he lauded the presidency of Barack Obama as “transformative” and famously opposed Donald Trump.
  • “He lied, and we are the ones who got stuck with never-ending wars.” Muntadhar al-Zaidi (the famous shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist) said about Powell.

Liza Featherstone from Jacobin writes:

“Colin Powell, a principal architect of the US invasion of Iraq, a campaign of armed aggression that killed hundreds of thousands, was beloved by many for his thoughtful and deliberative vibe.

Some of those in the George W. Bush administration who were most responsible for starting the Iraq war were obvious sickos — the kind of operatives who can make bloodthirsty policy in a democracy, but could probably never get elected to anything because their public statements cause decent humans to cringe in horror.

Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld wanted to go to war with Iraq even though the administration had no good reason for doing so, because, he said, Iraq, unlike Afghanistan, had “a lot of good targets.”

Deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, similarly, argued for the invasion because it was “doable,” at one point saying he didn’t care about “allies, coalitions, and diplomacy.”

Dick Cheney was literally the mastermind of a global torture apparatus, which is not something your average evil psychopath can say. In 2006, Cheney shot one of his hunting buddies in the face, permanently disfiguring and disabling him, an accident for which he has apparently never apologized…”

See full story here.

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