Workers Are Making Efforts To Start Unions At Starbucks, Amazon, And Dollar General

  • Large non-union chains like Amazon, Starbucks, and Dollar General are filing for and voting on Union status.
  • Unionizing efforts show the changing dynamics in the current US labor market because more workers are willing to walk away from jobs they hate.
  • “There’s rising inequality. People are treated poorly at their workplaces,” said a Starbucks employee. “I don’t think that Starbucks can turn back the tide of organizing.”

Chris Isidore from CNN Business writes:

“Shellie Parsons never thought she’d be supporting an effort to win union representation at the Dollar General store where she’s worked for a bit more than a year.

“I was actually against unions,” said the 37-year-old single mom. “I’d heard a lot of bad things about the unions.”

She liked her store manager at the Dollar General in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. She considers the other employees in the store to be like family: “I wake up and I want to go to work,” she said.

But she and other employees didn’t like how her store manager’s bosses treated him, and they particularly didn’t like the lack of respect they said they felt from Dollar General’s upper management. The company did not comment on Parson’s allegations.

A year of working during a pandemic, feeling at risk of catching Covid for a job paying only a little more than minimum wage, changed Parsons’ attitude about the need for a union.

She was willing to vote for the United Food and Commercial Workers in a vote held Friday morning, even though she said Dollar General managers have threatened that they might close their store if the union wins…”

See full story here.

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