Server Shows Her 1 Penny Paystub For 6 Weeks Of Work On TikTok And Gets Wide Range Of Responses

  • A 25-year-old service worker went on a TikTok rant showing off her measly one-cent paystub, reminding everyone to “TIP YOUR SERVERS!!!”
  • The federal minimum wage for tipped employees across the United States is $2.13 an hour, but in Tennessee, fed, SSI, and Medicare taxes are automatically deducted from earned income.
  • “Blame the businesses you’re working for, not the consumers,” a viewer suggested. “In other countries, they don’t need to tip because they pay a living wage.”

NY Post from writes:

“The 25-year-old service worker, named Liny, shared a video to the social media site last month showing off her paystubs.

The federal minimum wage for tipped employees across the United States is $2.13 ($A2.85) an hour. However, in Tennessee, federal, social security and Medicare taxes are deducted from earned income. That left Liny with a measly $0.01 from her employer.

It’s unclear how many hours Liny worked across the six-week pay period, and she did not disclose how much money she accumulated in tips within the same time frame.

However, in the caption of her video, the waitress writes to her TikTok followers: “Tip your servers!!!”

Many viewers bristled at Liny’s demand, with one replying: “It’s not my job to pay your bills. I got my own to pay.” That comment was liked a whopping 10,200 times…”

See full story here.

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