SURPRISE! New Report Casts Doubt On RFA North Korean “Squid Game Smuggler” Death Sentence Story

  • A North Korea-focused news outlet casts doubt on a viral report claiming that “Squid Game” was bootlegged into NK, and the supposed smuggler received the death sentence.
  • The original publisher of the shaky story was CIA-founded Radio Free Asia (RFA), a US government-funded news service that has a habit of citing unnamed sources.
  • NK News, a South Korea-based news service reporting on the neighboring country, has a border expert saying there was a “less than 1% chance” the show came in as RFA’s sources had claimed.

Mia Jankowicz from Insider writes:

“A North Korea-focused news outlet cast doubt on a viral report that said the Netflix drama “Squid Game” had been smuggled into the secretive state, leading to a death sentence.

NK News sought to debunk a recent story that said smuggled copies of the South Korean hit show were spreading in North Korea despite strict censorship of foreign media.

The publisher was Radio Free Asia (RFA), a US government-funded nonprofit news service focusing on Asian countries.

Citing unnamed sources in both cases, RFA also published an update Tuesday saying that a North Korean man was sentenced to death for smuggling after students were caught watching the hit drama.

The news was widely reported by other news outlets, including Insider.

But on Thursday NK News — a South Korea-based news service focused on reporting on the neighboring state — published an analysis in which border experts said it is “highly unlikely” the show could have made it into North Korea…”

See full story here.

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