Keanu Reeves Busts Out Laughing At A Question Concerning The “Digital Scarcity” Of NFTs

  • Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss were asked to discuss the digital scarcity concept of NFTs during an interview about their new Matrix film, and Reeves could not control his laughter.
  • “Imagine having the chance to interview NEO AND F**KING TRINITY ABOUT A NEW MATRIX MOVIE and you use it to ask them about NFTs,” another tweet scolded.
  • “If someone laughed at me like that I would quit my job honestly” Vontélf on a Shelf tweeted about the @verge interviewer that Keanu accidentally dismissed.

Becca Monaghan from Indy100 writes:

“2021: The year of the NFT – so much so, Collins Dictionary crowned it the Word Of The Year with a jaw-dropping usage increase of 11,000 per cent.

NFT’s have been circulating for some time now and everyone has something to say – including Keanu Reeves.

With their new film The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss sat down to discuss the concept of digital scarcity, crypto and NFTs.

He laughed – which kind of said it all.

“Did you guys see the Matrix NFT they did for Resurrections a couple days ago?” The Verge’s Alex Heath asked. “They came out with 100,000 of them and the site broke within a few hours because there were 300,000 people in the queue trying to buy these NFTS.”

Heath added, “When you think about the concept of digital scarcity, and things that can’t be copied,” to which Reeves said, “that are easily reproduced”, before busting out into laughter…”

See full story here.

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