Even Joe Rogan Knows GETTR Is A Fake Knock-Off — But He Can’t Figure Out How To Leave The Site

  • Started by Trump’s former campaign aide Jason Miller, Gettr is garnering a lot of criticism from Joe Rogan just days after he joined — according to the podcaster, it’s a sham.
  • “Yeah, you have like 9 million followers on Gettr,” Dillon pointed out. “Yeah, it’s not real, though,” Rogan argued. “Gettr doesn’t even have 9 million people.”
  • “This is where the f*ckery is,” Rogan explained to Tim Dillon on his show. “They take all my Twitter followers, and then they port those over… definitely fugazi.”  

Sarah K. Burris from Rawstory writes:

“MAGA world rushed to create a number of social platforms as part of an effort to promote a “free speech” atmosphere where the far-right, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and QAnon will be accepted without fact-checks. But according to podcaster Joe Rogan, one site is a sham.

Started by former Donald Trump campaign aide Jason Miller, Gettr is drawing criticism from Rogan just days after he joined.

“I might be part of the Chinese Communist Party now, I believe,” Rogan joked during The Tim Dillon Show Monday, the Daily Beast said. It was a reference to reports that Gettr is being funded by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

“Well, the news story is their f*cking amount of people that signed up increased by 1,150 percent or something” because he joined, Rogan said…”

See full story here.

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