Ridley Scott On Box Office Returns For The Modern Film Industry: “We Don’t Know Shit”

  • The film industry has always been unpredictable, but pandemic box office returns have been especially rocky for famed director Ridley Scott. The Last Duel lost nearly $70M worldwide, while House of Gucci has profits of over $50M so far.
  • “I hope to God [moviegoing] is going to return… One thing’s for sure: We don’t know shit. We are guessing. After my experience, I don’t know, so all I can do is make the best I can,” Scott said.
  • Ridley Scott blamed Millennials in the EL post from 11/25/2021, saying: “I think what it boils down to…audiences who were brought up on these f**king cellphones.”

Rebecca Keegan from The Hollywood Reporter

Ridley Scott keeps sliding his thumb over a prominent lump on the palm of his left hand.

It’s the hand Scott uses to draw the storyboards for his films in pen and ink, to operate a camera on his shoots and to do oil paintings on weekends. It’s also the hand that Scott had just put down on a thick, rusty screw jutting from a piece of driftwood in early December, when he slipped on some rocks on a beach in France while scouting locations for his next movie, Kitbag.

“The worst thing about it is when you’re my age they think, ‘Oh, the old guy’s fallen down,’” Scott says. “I say, ‘Get off. I’m fine. Get off. You go on, I’ll see you later.’ So I went up to the hospital, bleeding hand, and got stitches and things. I heal like a shark. So I’m healed. Now, my mother would say, ‘You’ll be fine.’ And that’s why I’m fine, and I’m fine.”

At 84, Scott is a bit better than fine. Over 20 months during the pandemic, he shot two ambitious and wildly different movies, House of Gucci, a melodrama about dynastic excess in the fashion world in late 20th century Italy, for MGM, and The Last Duel, an epic about misogyny and justice in medieval France, for Disney. In 2022, he’ll direct Kitbag, a Napoleon movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, for Apple, and produce Death on the Nile, an Agatha Christie adaptation, for Disney, as well as Boston Strangler, a drama starring Keira Knightley as a journalist covering the 1960s murders of 13 women in Massachusetts, for Warner Media, and A Chronology of Water, Kristen Stewart’s writing and directing debut…”

See full story here.

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