A Small House Built In 1900 With “Zero Bedrooms” Just Sold For Nearly $2M In San Francisco

  • A San Francisco home built in 1900 that listed zero bedrooms — described as “the worst house on the best block” by the brokerage — has now sold for $1.97 million.
  • Zillow described the home as a “fantastic contractor’s special,” noting with enthusiasm that it’s “the worst house on the best block, making it a fantastic opportunity.”
  • “This is peak San Francisco if I’ve ever seen it,” someone commented on Instagram. Another said: “Oh San Fran, keeping housing affordable since… never!!!”

Chelsea Ritchel from The Independent writes:

“A San Francisco home that has zero bedrooms and has been described as “the worst house on the best block” has sold for nearly $2m.

The house, which was built in 1900, according to real estate brokerage Redfin, is located in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco, where the median price for homes is $2.1m.

On Zillow, where the house was listed by Compass, it was described as a “fantastic contractor’s special,” with the description noting that “this the worst house on the best block, making it a fantastic opportunity”.

“This is an opportunity like few others to build your dream home,” the description reads. “Surrounded by many multimillion dollar homes; this is the best opportunity on the block and your chance to make it shine as bright as the neighbours.”

However, the listing then goes on to note that the property “is likely to require cash only due to its extreme deferred state”.

In the attached photos, the house can be seen in a dilapidated state, with a photo taken of the outside of the home showing the windows boarded up and the white siding peeling in places.

The 2,158-sq-ft house also includes a kitchen that has been painted yellow, while the appliances appear to be falling apart…”

See full story here.

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