Cryptobros Are Shelling Out Big Bucks For Digital “NFT Girlfriends” Who Won’t Leave Them

  • Cryptobros are now paying thousands for their very own digital girlfriend. Bull Market Girlfriends, an NFT marketplace on OpenSea, has already raked in around $1 million in profits selling digital female portraits.
  • An NFT girlfriend owner using the name “Jake” laid out why he got started after he saw the trend beginning to take off, saying: “Why not have a girlfriend and try to make a profit at the same time?”
  • The self-proclaimed “digital pimp” described how he proudly displays a printout of the painting on his wall and now thrives in his workspace knowing that his NFT girlfriend “won’t run off with some other guy.”
  • Jake went on to explain, “I have all the power in the relationship, and it’s very reassuring for a guy like me that doesn’t have quite the same dominance with real-life women.”

Becca Monaghan from Indy 100 writes:

“There’s no surprise that the pandemic has birthed a nation of socially starved individuals. Some of which have now turned to technology for a sense of support and comfort – take AI bots and highly popularised NFTs, for instance.

For the blissfully unaware, a non-fungible token (NFT) is essentially a ‘token’ to say you own a digital item. Each NFT has a different level of value and popularity – think of it almost like a digital Pokémon trading card.

But now, there’s a new NFT trend on the horizon. More specifically, NFTs that double up as lovers.

That’s right. Cryptobros can now fork out thousands for their very own ‘girlfriend’ in the form of an inanimate digital painting. With one NFT girlfriend being sold at over $100,000, lucky users can choose from an assortment of female faces – whether that be a piece of artwork that appears ‘angelic’ or perhaps resembling a ‘hippie’ – or more specifically, a ‘gold digger.’

Bull Market Girlfriends

Bull Market Girlfriends was set up by artist Kristina and her husband Martin. After years of experimenting with oil paintings, they made the move over to digital art. Their collection of 2,500 hand-drawn cryptographically secured digital paintings has already turned around $1 million in profit through the NFT marketplace OpenSea…”

See full story here.

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