Man Explains To Boss How No Raise For 2 Years = Low Effort On His Part

  • He replies, “2020 was the second year in a row I didn’t get a raise, even though I was the top employee.” @krisdrinkslemonade then describes his boss’s excuse for not giving him a raise  his pay was “fair market value” for his position.
  • One commenter sagely pointed out, “Funny how employers always have an excuse for below-average wages, but accept no excuses for below-average work.”

Daisy Maldonado from Indy 100 writes:

“You’ve surely heard of aThe Great Resignation by now, in which many people have made the decision to quit their toxic, low-paying jobs; but a new TikTok has sparked another debate about salary.

TikTok user @krisdrinkslemonade reenacted an interaction he had with his boss a few weeks prior in which the two discussed his job performance.

“I have 9 weeks left at this job so,” he captioned the clip.

In the video, the boss can be heard saying: “Mainly, I want us discuss the difference in your performance between last year and 2020.”

“You were the top-rated employee in 2020, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve been nearly as present. What’s changed?” they ask.

And oh boy did Kris have an answer for them.

He then proceeds to go on a very calm but honest rant about his performance in 2020 and how since he was not rewarded with a raise, he saw no reason to keep up his efforts.

“2020 was the second year in a row I didn’t get a raise, even though I was the top employee,” he says…”

See full story here.

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