CEO of Metaverse Company Sued for Sexual Harassment and Racism by Ex-NFL Player

  • Teyo Johnson, a former NFL player, has filed a lawsuit against Metaverse company CEO Janin Yorio for sexual harassment and racism.
  • Yorio allegedly made racist comments towards Black employees and called Johnson a “stupid black person” and “the whitest black person.”
  • Johnson also raised concerns about a gambling scheme involving cryptocurrency and NFTs that he believed could violate New York and federal laws.

CEO Janin Yorio from Everyrealm, a Metaverse company, has been sued for sexual harassment and racism by former NFL player Teyo Johnson, who claims that Yorio pressured him to sleep with his colleagues and made inappropriate comments about the sex lives of staff members.

According to the New York Post, Mr. Johnson alleges that Ms. Yorio described a “sex-related game” that she had encouraged employees to play. “KYP – know your personnel,” along with “KYC – know your client,” were both euphemisms for hooking up with co-workers and business partners.

The lawsuit, which has been filed in Manhattan federal court, also alleges that Yorio made racist comments toward Black employees. Other epithets allegedly include, “dk,” “big swinging dk,” and “f*ing dk”.

Johnson claims that he was fired from his job at Everyrealm after speaking out about a gambling scheme involving cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, which he believed would violate numerous New York and federal laws.

The company, which has been endorsed by celebrities including Paris Hilton, Will Smith, and The Weeknd, is also facing allegations of misconduct from two other former employees.

This case highlights the ways in which capitalist firms prioritize profits over the well-being and dignity of their employees, particularly those who are marginalized due to their race and gender.

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