Charlie Kirk Blames “Black Culture” and Diverse Hiring Practices for FAA Outage

  • Charlie Kirk, a conservative host, blamed “black culture” for an FAA outage that caused many flights to be canceled or delayed.
  • He also said that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s sexual orientation was more likely to blame and that hiring people based on lifestyle or skin color causes things to fall apart.
  • He also argued that white people lack institutional privilege and that issues in black communities stem from fatherlessness, not racism.

During his daily show on Wednesday, Conservative host Charlie Kirk expressed his belief that the recent FAA outage, which left over 8,500 flights canceled or delayed, was caused by what he perceives as a flaw in the policies of identity-based hiring and in the U.S Government.

He suggested that the appointment of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is openly gay, on the basis of his sexual orientation was the reason behind the outage.

“So, when you hire personnel based on lifestyle or melanin content, you should not be shocked; no one should be surprised when things start to fall apart,” Kirk shared with his audience.

Kirk continued complaining that one book author found that Black communities have greater difficulties “trying to slow down your life.” “[The author] believes that white people have some sort of institutional privilege, and it is a lie!” Kirk said. “It’s a racist, bigoted lie. And because he lives in Portland, he is surrounded by so many white people that are afraid to speak truth about race, that, hey, it’s actually not about skin color, maybe it’s about fatherlessness or some very serious issues with Black culture.”

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