Santos Ripped Off $3000 GoFundMe for Disabled Veteran’s Dying Service Dog

  • Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is facing a new allegation that he has stolen $3K from a GoFundMe intended to support a disabled veteran’s dying service dog.
  • Santos claimed to run a charity called “Friends of Pets United” that claimed to save “thousands of dogs and cats,” but no such charity was ever registered with the IRS.
  • Santos is facing calls to resign from other New York Republicans and has not been held accountable by House Republican leadership yet.

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has been accused of a wide range of unethical and illegal actions, including lying about his background, committing fraud in Brazil, having ties to Russian oligarchs, and breaking campaign finance laws.

Furthermore, there is evidence that he may have stolen funds from a GoFundMe campaign set up to support a disabled veteran’s dying service dog.

According to reports, Santos, who is also known as Anthony Devolder, claimed to have run a pet charity called Friends of Pets United during his campaign, however, an investigation by the New York Times found no record of this charity being registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Furthermore, it is alleged that Santos closed the account after raising $3,000 and vanished, leaving the disabled veteran and his service dog without the necessary funds for medical treatment. The dog later died from his untreated condition.

While some New York Republicans are calling for Santos to resign, House Republican leadership has so far been resistant to these calls and has assigned him to committees.

This highlights the need for greater accountability and transparency in political and economic systems, particularly for marginalized communities such as disabled veterans.

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